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LACTEC – Institute of Technology for Development

By integrating customer-supplier network with the intention of setting up a multiparty action, LACTEC has become FIDUCIAL partner in order to develop cartographic products to different projects.

This pioneer partnership makes use of the finest technology of mapping by Laser Scanner System (LiDAR) and has been supporting a large range of clients and governmental plans that need the best and accurate maps.

Being a self-sustaining and nonprofit technological research institute, LACTEC and FIDUCIAL encompasses the advantages of a solid cooperation, that raises funds through sale of research projects and development, besides other technology services.

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Laser Scanner

RDR Associate Consultants

RDR is a company specialized in providing studies, designs, consulting and management for both public sector clients and private area of electricity. Among the services provided, FIDUCIAL has developed a partnership that works with cartographic and field survey support.

FIDUCIAL plays an important role in joining with the base for studies, preliminary designs, technical-economic viability and basic design to Small Hydro Power (SHP).

Santa Lúcia Energy

Santa Lúcia Energy is a company specialized in raising investors to preparing technical studiesto implement hydroelectric dams.

FIDUCIAL has participated, as Santa Lucia's partner, in all the steps necessaries to elaborate a technical report to be submitted to the National Agency of Electrical Energy - ANEEL. This is the first stage to get the approval in order to implement a dam.